Psalm 23 Homily at Yale Divinity School Summer Study 2017

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies...

- excerpt of Psalm 23

Peace Right Here

Peace Right Here is an alternative response to the crisis of violence. Our mission is to champion practices of peace in communities and families. Through a focus on formative practices and collaborative partnerships, Peace Right Here works to develop a public imagination that allows peace to be possible in all of our relationships.

  • #triumphgames2016 moving to see the support the athletes have for each other... inspiring stuff

    November 19, 7:29 pm

  • Find the voices that bring us safely together, completely whole. Let the village listen to these voices to become itself again and again.

    November 9, 3:48 pm

  • Forgiveness that "frees from" differs greatly from a forgiveness that "pays for." In the former we are released, the latter we are indebted.

    November 1, 2:42 pm

  • Peace Right Here updated their cover photo.

    January 1, 12:00 am

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